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Williams Brothers – Celebrating 50 Years

The gospel-singing Williams Brothers mark their demi-centennial with an album of old and new music that’s divided into three parts. On the first handful of songs, they address the present, reaffirming their commitment on “All These Years (It Ain’t Over).” In the middle of the disc come half a dozen old favorites. Then, at the end there’s more new material.

¬†Actually, old or new, the Williams Brothers continue to sound like a soul/R&B vocal group from the 1960s or 70s. “You,” one of the new songs up front, has the sound of 70s funk to it, while “He’s Alright,” another new one near the end, is reminiscent of the Temptations’ “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” to the point of almost being actionable.

¬†Interestingly, the Williams Brothers also have a strain of country music that comes out on the oldie “Help Us Jesus, Help Us Lord,” with a steel guitar prominent in the arrangement, and in the closer, a cover of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.” The collection is a good summary of the sound of the Williams Brothers over the decades, and it suggests they still have a few good years left in them.

Track List:

1. All These Years (It Ain’t Over) (4:52)

2. Move in Me (4:47)

3. There to Hold Me (4:58)

4. You (4:42)

5. Use Me (5:01)

6. Down Memory Lane (Interlude) (0:17)

7. Never Let Go of Your Hand (5:04)

8. If I Don’t Wake Up (4:43)

9. I Feel Like Pressing On (5:09)

10. Without You (I Can’t Win) (4:52)

11. Help Us Jesus, Help Us Lord (4:25)

12. I’m Waiting on Time (5:27)

13. Today & Tomorrow (Interlude) (0:14)

14. Still Holding On (4:28)

15. Right Where You Are (4:31)

16. He’s Alright (3:57)

17. He Will Fulfill (3:58)

18. God Bless the USA (3:35) 

Price: £12.99

Out of stock