Price: £9.99
Release Date: 28th June 2010
Catalogue No: WNRCD5055
Barcode: 5018755505515
Format: CD

Shimon Craimer – Nashir Beyachad

  • Nashir Beyachad, Shimon’s brand new album, is the product of a collaboration with Motti Cohen, one of the UK’s top record producers
  • The album pushes the boundary of production, vocal performance and song-writing containing 12 tracks of varying styles which will appeal to almost anyone who loves to listen and be inspired by music
  • Whether you love the up-tempo of Yeshivish rock songs or the power of the slow ballads to the downright soul searching funky gospel theme, Nashir Beyachad is a must-have and a worthy addition to any Jewish music collection!
  • Dubbed by the Chief Rabbi as “the rising star of Jewish music in the UK,” Nashir Beyachad marks Shimon Craimer’s return to the studio for the first time in 5 years
  • Gifted with ‘a voice for the ages’, he always gives a dynamic performance, be it in Shul, at a concert or at a simcha and has sung and performed with many big names in Jewish music
  • From 1999 until 2003 Shimon served as chazan of Edgware United Shul and he presently is the chazan of the Riverdale Jewish Center, in Riverdale, New York
  • Shimon is currently the lead singer of the Neshoma Orchestra, a top Jewish orchestra in the USA and also sings at concerts in Israel, the USA, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, and the Irish Republic. He officiates regularly at Jewish celebrations and special services in London and New York
  • Heavily involved in the Shabbaton Choir, Shimon often travels to Israel with the Chief Rabbi to perform at a variety of occasions, whether it’s the vibrancy of a packed concert or the more sombre atmosphere of visiting the sick in hospitals and helping to uplift their spirits
  • Shimon has released a variety of albums and YouTube videos – some solo; some in collaboration with other Jewish singers – most notably the “Oseh Shalom” video which has had close to a million views to date
  • Nashir Beyachad is available to buy in Jewish stores across the UK


1. Sameach            

2. Nashir Beyachad            

3. Open Up            

4. Mi Bon Siach            

5. Kel Hahodaos            

6. B’rogez            

7. Shalom Rav            

8. Ani Maamin            

9. Tzur Mishelo            

10. Achas Shoalti            

11. V’ani Sefilosi            

12. Hamalach Hagoel

Press Quotes:

Already in his first album Shimon showed great vocals and technique, so I’m not surprised to hear it again here in this album. The Kel Hahodaos/ Brogez/Shalom showcase what’s best in this album…this album has fabulous production value and a touch of freshness to it…in terms of music, this album is something Shimon should be proud of. – YK Forum

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Price: £9.99
Release Date: 28th June 2010
Catalogue No: WNRCD5055
Barcode: 5018755505515
Format: CD