Residents – Marching To The See

Holding up the underground since 1972, The Residents celebrate four decades of unbridled creativity with “The Wonder of Weird,” their 40th anniversary tour. This album, “Marching to the See,” collects the musical highlights from that tour. Having recently revealed themselves as Randy, Chuck and Bob after years of anonymity, the group now presents itself in concert as the ultimate offbeat power trio, pared down to guitar, keyboards and vocals. Shrugging its collective shoulders, the band re-interprets and devours its classic material like a hungry horse inhaling hay, while still stumbling along at full speed. Sex, shrugs and anti-rock’n roll – it’s all there in The Residents’ “Marching to the See.”

The Residents are an American art collective best known for avant-garde music and multimedia works. Soon to be celebrating four decades since forming, the group has since released over sixty albums, numerous music videos and short films, three CD-ROM projects and ten DVDs. They have undertaken seven major world tours and scored multiple films. Pioneers in exploring the potential of CD-ROM and similar technologies, The Residents have won several awards for their multimedia projects.

In public, the group appears silent and costumed, often wearing eyeball helmets, top hats and tuxedos — a long-lasting costume now recognized as its signature iconography. The group is noted for surrealistic lyrics and sound, disregard for conventional music composition, and the over the top, theatrical spectacle of their live performances.

Loser Weed / Picnic in the Jungle (mashup)
Baby Sister
Give It to Someone Else
Jelly Jack: The Boneless Boy
The Monky Man
Mr. Lonely / The Man in the Dark Sedan (mashup)
Honey Bear
The Black Behind
Marching to the Sea / Intermission (mashup)
Dead Wood