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Mean Street: Jukin Wit De Blues

Mean Street means great music that is razor sharp and cuts through to the soul. Mean Street features James Cotton, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Nanette Workman / Peter Frampton, Tina Turner, James Cotton plus many others. Mean Street reflects the hard times, prison time, survival and expressions of the mean side of the blues.


1. Howlin Wolf – Before I Commit A Crime

2. Elmore James – Dust My Broom

3. Little Richard – Money Honey

4. Jimmy Reed – Take Out Some Insurance

5. James Cotton – V8 Ford Blues

6. Howlin Wolf – Killin Floor

7. Barry Darnell – Deacon Stomp

8. James Cotton – I Need You So Bad

9. Mike Bloomfield – Don’t Lie To Me

10. Muddy Waters – Standin Around Crying

11. Little Richard – Hound Dog

12. James Cotton – Dealin’ With The Devil

13. Jimmy Reed – I Goin’ Upside Your Head

14. Peter Frampton / Nanette Workman – Love Taker

15. Etta James – It Brings A Tear

16. James Cotton – Southside Boogie

17. John Lee Hooker – Rock With Me

Price: £9.99

Out of stock

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