Jim Lea – Lost In Space (EP)

•    Lost In Space is the eagerly anticipated 6 track EP from ex-Slade co-writer and bassist Jim Lea

•    It’s his first new mini album release in over 10 years and reaffirms Jim’s prowess as one of the world’s most prolific singer/songwriters

•    Jim commented on the EP: “So here it is, the Lost In Space EP! It was an absolute blast putting this together. Straight ahead rock ‘n roll with ‘surfin’ harmonies on Mega Drive. It came together very quickly and is none the worse for it. Hope you enjoy – ROCK ON!”  

•    Jim will also be releasing a digital-only single off the EP (also called Lost In Space) on 18 May which is destined to be another smash hit

•    Jim commented on the single: “Lost in Space was written deliberately as a pop song. Of all the songs I have come up with, this is one of my favourites.  The ideas portrayed in the song are of someone spending their life living in an inner world, virtually oblivious to normal life. Some might say I have unwittingly written about myself!”

Jim Lea, most notable for his playing of bass guitar, keyboards, violin, guitar and singing vocals in Slade and for writing all of their hits, is no newcomer to the singer/songwriter scene and he continues to be one of the most played artists on radio across the world.

1. Lost In Space
2. What In The World
3. Megadrive
4. Pure Power
5. Going Back To Birmingham
6. Through The Fire