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Glenn Branca – Songs ’77-’79

The release of the recordings of Glenn’s late ’70’s no wave bands is finally a reality and more comprehensive than expected.

This is a collection of eight pieces from the three years before Branca’s monumental album, The Ascension, wherein the listener can hear him laying the groundwork for his later concentration on massed electric guitars and overtones.

These tracks are the earliest emanations of rock publicly delivered by Branca, thoroughly foreshadowing the vast domain of post-modern rock in more ways than you’d expect. All the proper studio recordings from both singles by the static & theoretical girls are here, plus outrageous & inspired home cassette recordings.

Songs ’77-’79 is a must for any Branca zealot, many sonic youth fans, and for those curious about the missing links between the halcyon no wave era & the dawn of the ’80’s “downtown” NYC scene.

1. Don’t Let Me Stop You
2. My Relationship
3. You Got Me
4. Jill
5. Fuck Yourself
6. TV Song
7. You
8. Glazened Idols

Price: £9.99

Out of stock