Buddy Rich – Time Out

Buddy Rich is most famous for his drumming technique, where he takes his speed, dexterity and smooth execution to new heights, as well as mastering the one-handed roll on both hands. During his lifetime he performed alongside many huge names, including Frank Sinatra, Les Brown and Charlie Ventura, in addition to leading his own band. Rich also made many TV appearances, being a regular guest on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, and perhaps one of his most viewed performances was on The Muppet Show where he challenged the musically-violent muppet “Animal” to a drum battle.

Time Out is a collection of some of Rich’s most beloved compositions played with a driving intensity that could only be captured live during the peak of his career. These recordings were given the go-ahead by Rich in the mid 70’s while on the road, over a period of two years by Buddy Rich Band alumni Alan Gauvin. Some of the featured selections are Goodbye Yesterday, Machine, Readymix, and the incredible break-neck performance of the title track, Time Out. This is truly Buddy at his best.

Track List:

1. Goodbye Yesterday

2. Machine

3. Bouncin’ with Bud

4. Ready Mix

5. Senator Sam

6. Party Time

7. Joy Spring

8. Funk City-Ola

9. Loose

10. Time Out

11. Chicago