Commander Cody - Live At Ebbet's Field (LP)

Commander Cody - Live At Ebbet's Field (LP)
Release Date:
21st Apr 2017
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Vinyl LP

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Commander Cody - Live At Ebbet's Field (LP)

George Frayne, known to the music world as Commander Cody, is a world-famous rock 'n roll star who had a string of hits in the '70s, several albums that hit Billboard Magazine’s Top 40 and was leader of a band once named the "best live band in the world" by Billboard International.

On the road in the beginning of this long journey, Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen were celebrating 1973 with a hit record Hot Rod Lincoln and album, a new bus to tour in (a 1956 Chevy Greyhound) and a new world class steel player Bobby Black, one of the greatest to ever live.

On his first Commander Cody tour, Bobby was on the bus when the band hit Denver to play a club called Ebbetts Field, which was set up on the inside like a ballpark with seating up the walls, which were packed. A radio team was sent in to broadcast locally and record for posterity. This is that concert, released publicly (and legally) for the first time since it was recorded in 1973. A year later Billboard Magazine voted this band to be the "best live band in the world". You can tell here, they were on their way.

    Good Rockin'
    What's the Matter zNow'
    Truck Drivin' Man
    Down and Out
    Mama Hated Diesels
    Sally Walker
    Ain't Nothin' Shakin'
    All I Have To Offer You
    Diggy Liggy
    Smoke That Cigarette
    Truckin' and Fuckin'
    Daddy's Drinkin' Up Our Xmas
    Lawdy Miss Clawdy