Todd Rundgren's Utopia: Live At The Fox Theater 1973 (2LP)

Todd Rundgren's Utopia: Live At The Fox Theater 1973 (2LP)
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18th May 2018
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Todd Rundgren's Utopia: Live At The Fox Theater 1973 (2LP)

Exactly what transpired that night at Atlanta's Fox Theater in November of 1973 will likely be debated for many years.

This is "the" concert performance noted in the liner notes of the first Utopia album and was Todd's first introduction of his new prog-rock band. That first album would include parts of this concert, as well as studio compositions.

Todd spins us through a series of aural and spiritual fantasies, beginning with the opening song "Utopia Theme", the same one that's used on the band's first album. From "Open My Eyes" the incredible Nazz song, to "Black Maria", "Don't You Ever Learn" and "The Last Ride", this performance sent Atlanta's denizens scurrying to the record stores to find the album in which these songs were on, except it hadn't been released yet!

Now you have the opportunity sing-a-long with all the songs in the comfort of your home. Very clean, bright scorching hot guitar solos, exceptional keyboard, drums and bass, and Todd's singular vocals absolutely shine.

Now it can be heard by the fans who never knew this recording existed. This fantastic show is a must for the casual prog-rock fan, and for those who love Todd's music.

This is absolutely essential if you're a fan of Todd's prog-rock era of the early 70's!


Disc 1, Side 1:
Utopia Theme
Disc 1, Side 2:
Don't You Ever Learn
Everybody's Going To Heaven - King Kong Reggae
Sons of 1984

Disc 2, Side 1:
Open My Eyes
Black Maria

Disc 2, Side 2:
The Last Ride
Couldn't I Just Tell You