Son House - Live At Oberlin College (CD)

Son House - Live At Oberlin College (CD)
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22nd Jun 2018
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Son House - Live At Oberlin College (CD)

•    This fantastic performance was recorded live at Oberlin College on 15 April 1965

•    Not only Son's brilliant singing and slide guitar can be heard, but a rare glimpse of the man himself, talking intimately to the audience of his lifetime of experience and what the blues mean to him

•    Featuring the songs New York Central and Preachin’ The Blues, this is a rare and unusual performance that no blues lover will want to be without!

Son House is one of the truly legendary figures in blues and folk music He first came to prominence in 1930 when his first 78RPM recordings for the Paramount label were issued. Like many of the greatest blues singers of the 20th century, Son was born and raised in the Delta region is Mississippi and his masterful and innovative slide work was a major influence on many of the other great singers from that region including Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters.

Son stopped performing in the late 1940's as he did not relate to the new powerful amplified blues band sound, and felt no one cared to hear the old style classic blues anymore. It wasn't until 1960 that Al Wilson, a devout blues aficionado most famous for leading the blues group, Canned Heat, tracked Son House down in Rochester, New York and encouraged him to perform once again. Until his death in the late 1960's, Son House performed with all the old power and brilliance that gave him the name "Father of the Blues".

Introduction : It's So Hard
Judgement Day
New York Central
A True Friend Is Hard To Find
Preachin' the Blues
Change Your Mind