Old Gold Show Presented By Frank Sinatra: December 19, 1945

•    Travel through time, back to the days of radio and hear the great Frank Sinatra!

•    The Old Gold Show was a radio show, sponsored by Old Gold Cigarettes and hosted by a young Frank Sinatra

•    Each CD in this collection brings you another episode featuring Frank and his guests, complete with songs and interviews

•    This episode features June Hutton, Ella Mae Morse and The Vagabonds

The Old Gold Show ran from 1945-47 on CBS. The cast included Bill Goodwin as “featured comedian.” Sponsored by Old Gold cigarettes, the program also featured The Pied Pipers, Axel Stordahl and his orchestra and, in the latter part of its run, Jane Powell. Marvin Miller was the announcer “and sometimes took part in skits.” Guests such as Margaret Whiting, Tommy Dorsey and Andre Previn were featured each week. The theme song was Night and Day, which Sinatra had sung in the 1943 movie Reveille with Beverly.

It’s fair to say that this frequently comic young Frank Sinatra, reading and occasionally blowing his radio script, is one of the less familiar personas of the singer, and like all radio shows of the era, these possess a period charm.

Frank Sinatra – Intro (Night and Day)
Frank Sinatra – I’m An Old Cowhand
Frank Sinatra – June Hutton Introduction
Frank Sinatra; June Hutton; The Pied Pipers – Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Frank Sinatra – Old Gold Commercial #1
Frank Sinatra – Ella Mae Morse Introduction
Frank Sinatra; Ella Mae Morse – Cow Cow Boogie
Frank Sinatra – Along the Navajo Trail
Frank Sinatra – The Vagabonds Introduction
Frank Sinatra; The Vagabonds – You Are My Sunshine
Frank Sinatra – Old Gold Commercial #2
Frank Sinatra – Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Wishes
Frank Sinatra – White Christmas
Frank Sinatra – Closing (Put All Your Dreams Away)