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Baby It’s You

The first three years of child development are the fastest, most complex and difficult for parents to understand. This new edition of the acclaimed and award winning series shows early child development as no other medium can.

Six fascinating complete programmes covering First Weeks, Walking, Using Hands, Talking, Reasoning and Relationships.

Programmes Include:

IN THE BEGINNING: Just how much can the new baby see, hear, smell, taste and understand? When and how does it learn to identify its parents?

FIRST STEPS: Learn to recognise baby’s determined attempts to move, to sit up, to crawl and finally to walk.

TAKING HOLD: A new born can grasp at a finger; a two year old has mastered complex manual dexterity and creativity. Watch this rapid development.

WORD OF MOUTH: A baby can learn a language – any language – in three years. See the progress from gurgles to story-telling.

THE THINKER: The often unnoticed development of reasoning, thinking and problem solving. Understand what is happening when baby plays.

YOU AND ME: In three years children establish important relationships with their parents, with adults and with each other. Be alert to the subtleties of shyness, jealousy and making friends.

DVD extras include: ‘Brave New World’, from the channel 4 series ‘Body Story’, chartering the astonishing development of a child’s brain over the first four months after birth.

Price: £15.99

Out of stock