Soul Steppers

Soul Steppers
Release Date:
2nd Mar 2009
Running Time:
79 minutes
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Soul Steppers

Wienerworld are proud to release their latest instalment of Northern Soul repertoire.


This collection of "modern-room" styled soul owes more to the smooth and polished mid 1970's rhythms sound of Philadelphia and New York, and showcases some new and familiar names. "Soul Steppers" shows that they can pull down the building but they can never take away the music. Producer Ian Levine continues to push ahead and proves a point each and every time, creating a history that is uniquely his own. Thirty plus years on from his first studio recordings and his legacy is clear.


This new album has brand new songs by timeless soul legends, such as Tommy Hunt, who first sang way way back in the late 1950s with The Flamingos on their million selling hit, and Rosetta Hightower, ex lead voice with The Orlons, as well as stunning new songs from the great Ebony Alleyne, along with Davinah Edwards, Noel McKoy, Odette Adams, first lady Tahira Jumah, new boy Jay Harvey, the incomparable Pearly Gates, the ever wonderful Flirtations, Janine Johnson, Michael Lloyd Pinq, Kitty Corbin, Judy Duff, The Concentrations, Jimmy James, and a few major musical surprises. It's an album to live with and savour, with the promise of better things to come.


An album to cherish forever.

Track List:


1. Better Times Ahead (Laverta Lewis)

2. Halfway To Your Heart (Delroy G. Pinnock)

3. Miracles (Peter Lamarr And Gina Foster)

4. Out Of The Shadows (Davinah Edwards)

5. Anticipation (The Concentrations)

6. In My Own Defence (Ebony Alleyne)

7. I Can't Give You The World (Evelyn Thomas)

8. Gonna Build A Bridge (Odette Adams)

9. Nothing But Good Times (Tommy Hunt)

10. Road To Reason (Donna Williams)

11. Riding Over The Rough Spots (Milton Brown)

12. Walking In The Dark (Jay Harvey)

13. Love In Overdrive (Gina Foster)

14. One Step At A Time (Kitty Corbin)

15. Never Take You For Granted (Peter Lamarr)

16. Can't Get A Signal (Janine Johnson)

17. Can You Keep A Secret (The Flirtations)

18. Making My Day (Tahira Jumah)

19. Electricity (Rosetta Hightower)

20. Just A Lucky Fella (Noel Mckoy)

21. Keeping One Eye Open (Judy Duff)

22. Ray Of Hope (Jimmy James and The Vagabonds)

23. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Pearly Gates)

24. This Is My Time (Michael Lloyd Pinq)

Track List:

Bonus DVD – all 24 tracks on CD plus:

25. Only Time Can Tell (Brenda Lawson)

26. My Heart's Occupation (Judith Hall)

27. Stars In The Sky (Earnestine Pearce and Jimmy James)

28. My Oh My (Tahira Jumah and Jay Harvey)

29. How Can I Take Another Chance (Laverta Lewis and Milton Brown)