Stiv - No Compromise, No Regrets (CD)

Stiv - No Compromise, No Regrets (CD)
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14th Jun 2019
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Stiv - No Compromise, No Regrets (CD)

•    Music from the documentary film on Stiv Bator, singer of the Dead Boys, Lords of the New Church and true original


Almost 30 years after Stiv's mysterious death in Paris, the Dead Boys have become the stuff of (Punk) legends but unsurprisingly the story remains largely untold.

How did this native from Girard, Ohio end up living the life of Riley in Paris, France? Was Stiv really hit by a car (or a taxi...) on that fateful day? Who was the real Stiv Bators? These are a few of the questions answered in STIV.

Slim Jim Phantom, Jimmy Zero, Genya Ravan, Dave Parsons, Dave Tregunna or Nick Turner are just a few of the interviewees featured on STIV.

The film begins at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris where Stiv's ashes were sprinkled in June of 1990 and where legends such as Chopin, Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf or one of Stiv's heroes', Jim Morrison found their resting place. After the introduction, the film delves into Stiv's last year in Paris: his personal life, the recording of his last album and ultimately his mysterious death.

From the Dead Boys to the Lords of The New Church down to his solo work, Stiv Bators is and has always been considered a real Punk Rock legend and one of the last true Rock & Roll original frontmen the world has seen.

    Deadbeat Poets - The Stiv Bators Ghost Tour
    Stiv Bators - Don't Go Away
    Jad Wio & Stiv Bators (Live in Paris 1990) - Priscilla
    The Lustkillers - Revenge
    Stiv Bators & The Dead Boys - Evil Boy (Live in Berkeley Square 1980)
    The Wanderers - Ready To Snap (Live at the London Lyceum 1981)
    Deadbeat Poets - The Psychedelic Gas Station
    Club Wow - The Nights Are So Long
    Jimmy Zero - Paris
    Alpha Kitty - You Don't Go Away
    Room Full of Strangers - The Stiv Bators Ghost Tour
    The Open Up & Bleeds - Stiv Bators in All of Us
    Tango Pirates - Dark Star
    The Primadonna Reeds - To Feel You