David Susskind Archive: Gay Rights: Pro And Con

David Susskind Archive: Gay Rights: Pro And Con
Release Date:
23rd Mar 2020
Running Time:
57 minutes
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David Susskind Archive: Gay Rights: Pro And Con

This program from 1982 pits area religious scholars against prominent New York gay men. There is still wide spread discrimination against gay men (let alone others in what has come to be known as the LGBTQ community). The religious leaders see nothing wrong with it according to their faith, and the gay men argue that they should be allowed to be themselves without fearing the consequences of discrimination.

This archived program from the early '80's presents the arguments, pro and con, with regard to the establishment of gay rights.

The religious leaders and scholars featured are:
Jesse Lee, Pastor, Neighborhood Church (Protestant)
Dr. William Marra, Professor of Philosophy, Fordham (Catholic)
Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Family Defense Coalition (Jewish)

The Gay advocates are:
Matt Foreman, Dignity New York board member (Catholic)
David Rothenberg, Executive Director of the Fortune Society (Jewish)
Tom Stoddard, Executive Director Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund