Commander Cody - Berkeley, Baby!

Commander Cody - Berkeley, Baby!
Release Date:
16th Feb 2018
Running Time:
54 minutes
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Commander Cody - Berkeley, Baby!

•    Previously unreleased concert, recorded 26 July 1975 at the Keystone in Berkeley, CA

•    Songs include Don’t Let Go, Tequila and their US Top 10 hit Hot Rod Lincoln

“In 1972, my friend Freddie Herrera opened a small nightclub in San Francisco. It was a hip joint where I met and worked with Elvin Bishop, the Pointer Sisters and Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks. We were the third or fourth band in there, we had a ball, got in a lot of trouble, rocked out, etc. The place was cool and became wildly successful and soon, Freddie opened Keystone Palo Alto and later Keystone Berkeley, buying up a large dump up on University right near campus where Creedance began their career and the owner of that joint didn’t like my band very much.

Things changed after Freddie bought the place; it turned out to be a major Berkeley dive, right up there with Mandrakes and the Longbranch/Babylon hellhole. Needless to say we fit right in, enjoying many rocking nights there in the mid-seventies; in fact I lived about a mile away from there (vertically). We were practicing our double live album for Warner Brothers and had a decent recording company (Wally Heider) and we used the Keystone Berkeley as out trial balloon before heading out to London and Hammersmith early the next year.

This was John Tichy’s last gig and he went off to R.I.P. to become a famous ‘perfesser’ while we worked Ernie Hagar in on steel guitar. The end was near for the Lost Planet Airmen but we went down swinging.”                    George Frayne “Commander Cody”

1. Tequila
2.Truckin’ and Fuckin’   
3. The Shadow Knows
4. Seeds and Stems (Again)   
5. Connie   
6. Cajun Baby
7. Honky Tonk Music  
8. Minnie, the Moocher  
9. Semi-Truck   
10. Paid In Advance   
11. Lookin’ At the World Through A Windshield   
12. High On A Hilltop   
13. Oh Mama, Mama   
14. Hot Rod Lincoln   
15. Roll Your Own   
16. Don’t Let Go