Child Bride of Short Creek

Child Bride of Short Creek
Release Date:
19th Feb 2018
Running Time:
96 minutes
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Child Bride of Short Creek

Short Creek is a polygamist community in Arizona where 400 Mormon loyalist, 263 of those children, live their own, unique, secular lifestyle.

When a Korean War veteran returns, his experiences outside make living in Latter Day Saints (LDS) lifestyle unbearable. He rebels against his own father who has plans to add another wife to his household- a 15 year old girl who the vet loves dearly.

Little does the community know that the Arizona Department of Public Safety and National Guard would soon arrive and arrest every single adult, and put their children into protective custody.

Based on a true story, filming Child Bride of Short Creek was almost shut down when the LDS community caught wind of the production taking place not far outside St. George, Utah on the very same set created for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

It's a little known American tragedy that has had a huge impact on secular lifestyles in the United States.