2020 Nostradamus

2020 Nostradamus
Release Date:
19th Mar 2018
Running Time:
67 minutes
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2020 Nostradamus

Born in 1503, the mysterious medieval visionary, Michel de Nostredame aka "Nostradamus" predicted the rise of Hitler, the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and the 9/11 attacks.

Now his quatrains are predicting our immediate future and it would seem the end times are truly upon the world.

According to the new interpretations, Nostradamus predicted that a mighty Islamic army of terror will rise up and set in motion World War III.

China will conquer the entire East and much of the globe, and then a complete collapse of technology will spin the world into chaos like never before as the Antichrist rises in the West.

Explore the prophecies and decide for yourself.