Lee Scratch Perry - Must Be Free

Lee Scratch Perry - Must Be Free
Release Date:
21st Oct 2016
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Lee Scratch Perry - Must Be Free

Dub reggae legend Lee Scratch Perry returns to the studio with a brand new album of wide-ranging narrative, in collaboration with Spacewave

This Grammy-winning artist, songwriter and producer doesn't hesitate with his unexpurgated commentary on his spirituality, good and evil, the human condition and aliens

Featured are reggae, dub, dubstep, acid jazz, and electronic music and music influences

Special guests include Subatomic Sound System, The Groovematist and Phloboi

To hang with Lee “Scratch” Perry is to spend time with an out-of-this-world creative force. In addition to launching the careers of artists like Bob Marley, the musician and producer left his fingerprints all over the creation of music genres like reggae, dub, punk rock and hip-hop with his imaginative use of technology. Now in his 80s, this sonic pioneer continues to push musical boundaries by incorporating new computer technology into his live performances.

    Psycho Dread
    Rat Race
    House of Sin
    Jungle Tongue
    No Evil
    No Sorrow
    On Nigeria
    Strip Off
    Too Much Is Too Much
    Must Be Free
    House of Sin (Remix)