Harry Nilsson - The Point (Ultimate Edition)

Harry Nilsson - The Point (Ultimate Edition)
Release Date:
10th Feb 2020
Running Time:
74 minutes
Catalogue No:
Price: £15.99
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Harry Nilsson - The Point (Ultimate Edition)

Directed and animated by Academy Award® Winner Fred Wolf (Free To Be... You & Me, The Flintstones) with story and songs written by Grammy Award® Winner Harry Nilsson and narration by Ringo Starr, THE POINT is a timeless enchanting fable for the whole family to enjoy!

Years ago there was a place called The Land of the Point, because everything in The Land of the Point had one - the barns, the houses, the cars, everything - even the people. Everyone, that is, except Oblio (Mike Lookinland, The Brady Bunch), who was born round-headed. Since he had no point, Oblio - along with his trusty dog, Arrow - was banished to the Pointless Forest. Join them to see what wonders await these two intrepid travelers as they make their way on their amazing, song-filled journey of discovery!

Bonus Materials
•    Brand new 2K High Definition transfer presented in its original aspect ratio
•    Optional English Subtitles
•    NEW! 'The Kid's Got a Point: An Interview with Mike Lookinland'
•    NEW! 'That Old Guy Wrote The Point': A Conversation with Screenwriter Norm Lenzer
•    NEW! 'Everybody's Got a Point: Kiefo Nilsson and Bobby Halvorson on Adapting the Point'
•    The Making of The Point: Four part featurette includes: 'Who Is Harry Nilsson?' , 'Pitching The Point' , 'Making The Point' and 'Legacy of the Point' (SD, 26:40)
•    Collectible Mini-Poster

Me And My Arrow
Everything's Got 'Em
Poli High
Think About Your Troubles
Life Line
P.O.V. Waltz
Are You Sleeping?