Don Mclean - Live In Manchester

Don Mclean - Live In Manchester
Release Date:
21st Jan 2019
Running Time:
CD - 92 mins / DVD - 73 mins
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Don Mclean - Live In Manchester


> Lost for over 20 years and now remastered for CD and DVD, this classic concert features Don McLean in peak form before a sell-out crowd at the historic Free Trade Hall in Manchester on 22 October 1991

> Song favourites include his classics American Pie, Vincent (Starry Starry Night), Crying and Castles in the Air

Don McLean
is one of the most enduring singer-songwriters and is forever associated with his classic hits American Pie and Vincent (Starry Starry Night). Since first hitting the charts in 1971, Don has amassed over 40 gold and platinum records world-wide and, in 2004, was inducted into the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame. His songs have been recorded by artists from every musical genre, most notably Madonna’s #1 recording of American Pie in 2000 and George Michael’s version of The Grave in 2003, sung in protest at the Iraq War.

CD 1
1. Everyday
2. Love In My Heart
3. Can’t Blame The Wreck
4. Homeless Brother
5. Orphans Of Wealth
6. Seaman
7. Castles In The Air
8. And I Love You So
9. Superman’s Ghost
10. Primetime

CD 2
1. 1967
2. Headroom
3. Winterwood
4. Dreidel
5. Crying
6. American Pie
7. Infinity
8. Vincent

1. Everyday
2. Love In My Heart
3. Orphans Of Wealth
4. Seaman
5. Castles In The Air
6. And I Love You So
7. Superman’s Ghost
8. Primetime
9. 1967
10. Headroom
11. Dreidel
12. Crying
13. American Pie
14. Infinity
15. Vincent