3 (Emerson, Berry, Palmer) - Rockin The Ritz (2CD)

3 (Emerson, Berry, Palmer) - Rockin The Ritz (2CD)
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19th Jan 2018
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3 (Emerson, Berry, Palmer) - Rockin The Ritz (2CD)

The British/American progressive rock band 3 was a spin off from Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, releasing just one album in 1988 called To the Power of Three produced by Palmer. This release was recorded on the successful tour they undertook to promote the then-new album. During the tour, the band mixed material from the new record with classics from ELP and The Nice. The show ended with a storming version of The Byrds classic 'Eight Miles High'. This two CD live set is a strong reminder of what a maestro Emerson was on the keyboards.

"I am happy these rare 3 recordings have finally seen the light of day. This group was a transition for Keith, and myself that eventually got us back to Emerson, Lake & Palmer. We had formed "3" with Robert Berry, at the suggestion of Geffen Records and I think we made some pretty innovative music. This live concert proves the energy behind our music was very much alive and it still sounds relevant today. Some might say this was a left turn in our musical journey; but, in the end, the scenery was still enjoyable." Carl Palmer, September 2017

“I remember our show at the Ritz quite vividly; we had played many venues where the ELP fans were checking out their heroes and of course 'the new guy'. But the Ritz was different. Half the audience was the die-hard ELP fan wanting to hear their favorites. The other half was new fans that had heard Talkin' Bout' on the radio and there to see this new hit band. The audience ranged from 16 to 60 years old, it was definitely energizing, and the power of "3" was in full force. I believe you can feel it when you listen to the energy in this great live recording from The Ritz in New York City. We were a true rock and roll band playing our hearts out, hitting it hard and heavy.” Robert Berry, September 2017


Disc 1:
Fanfare For the Common Man
Desde La Vida
Lover To Lover
Band Introductions
You Do Or You Don't
Talkin' 'Bout
Dream Runner
Disc 2:
Creole Dance
On My Way Home
Standing In the Shadow Of Love
America, Rondo, Carl Palmer drum solo, Fugue in D Minor BMV 565
Eight Miles High, Peter Gunn