Keith Emerson - Lake, Palmer, And Beyond

Keith Emerson - Lake, Palmer, And Beyond
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24th Feb 2017
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Keith Emerson - Lake, Palmer, And Beyond

With his innovative custom synthesizers and eccentric theatrical performances, Keith Emerson is a legendary figure that etched an eternal mark on progressive rock music.

He became internationally famous for his work with the Nice in the late 1960s, which included writing rock arrangements of classical music. After leaving the Nice in 1970, he was a founding member of Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP), one of the early progressive rock supergroups. Emerson, Lake & Palmer were commercially successful through much of the 1970s, becoming one of the best-known progressive rock groups of the era. Emerson wrote and arranged much of ELP's music on albums such as Tarkus (1971) and Brain Salad Surgery (1973), combining his own original compositions with classical or traditional pieces adapted into a rock format.

Included on this disc is an exclusive interview with Jimmy containing intimate details, rare insights and other gems not previously available until now. Topics include The Bahamas, Hymns For The Modern Church, Lemmy, Empty Days and many more.

    Back from the Bahamas
    Stones, Blues, and the Moog
    Hymns for the Modern Church
    Lemmy the Roadie
    How to Ride your Synthesizer
    Drop the Hammond
    Switching on the Bach
    Playing Nice
    The Pulse and the Sound
    Demanding Keys
    Empty Days
    Philmore Pinnacle
    Bernstein's America
    Nice Concept