Tim Rogers & The Fellas  - Real

Tim Rogers & The Fellas - Real
Release Date:
10th Sep 2012
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Tim Rogers & The Fellas - Real

  • Tim Rogers & The Fellas really caught the eyes and ears of the Nation with their debut album entitled “Change” which featured the hit single “Happy”
  • Their new CD “Real” is definitely a true masterpiece
  • This album captures the true essence of who Tim Rogers & The Fellas really are
  • Every song on this project stands on its own and is sure to be a blessing to all those that hear it
  • Pastor Tim Rogers is one of the most powerful and anointed singers/preachers of our time and he’s rapidly gaining recognition worldwide
  • He is now being placed among the elite gospel singers of this day
  • With special guest appearances by John P. Kee & Doug Williams on this CD, there’s an awesome array of styles and vocal performances that will be pleasing to all music lovers


1. The Lord Will Make A Way

2. Number One Friend


4. Turn it Around  (featuring John P. Kee)

5. Change Is Gonna Come

6. Drive Him Away

7. Beyond My Faults

8. Alright

9. Every Time You Cry (featuring Doug Williams)

10. Count Your Blessings

11. I Owe it All to You

12. This Christmas (Bonus Track)